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Where and how to apply for funding is one of the hardest challenges facing the SMMEs. EICT through its partners has various ways to apply for financing.

EICT through its partners works with financial institutions to provide holistic financing solutions to SMMEs in various sectors.

The following types of loan can be accessed by qualifying enterprises for cash-flow management, business acquisition/expansion or asset acquisition at attractive rates and repayment periods;

Bridge Finance
Short-term loan to finance working capital by providing immediate cash flow. This facility is only provided to businesses that have secured firm contracts (orders) from their clients.

Growth Finance
For SMEs looking to expand into new markets.

Asset Finance
For SMEs looking for finance to acquire assets (e.g. machinery, fixtures and fittings, vehicles, office equipment).

Green Finance
Finance for energy efficient projects, for example, retro fitment of tourist facilities for improved Universal Accessibility, the purchase and installation of energy efficient electrical and water consumption and metering equipment.

And, where appropriate, we may take direct equity by investing our own funds in SMEs that have a proven product or service with a clear defensible market and customer base and meet our criteria for proprietary investment.