Tourism Enterprise Development & Support (TEDS)

Small and medium businesses are the life blood of the South African economy, these businesses are the driving force for economic growth and creation of jobs. The South African government and private sector have developed enterprise development programmes which are opportune for entrepreneurs to take advantaged of. The support services range from funding, training and business advisory. As EICT we intend to launch a support programme for every sector, our current focus is tourism and hospitality. We encourage you to register in order to receive information that would be instrumental to your business development.

EICT is currently involved in the following Enterprise Development projects

Tourism Enterprise Development & Support Registration

EICT is an Enterprise Development Service Provider to the following organisations.

 dept-tourism ftt pum

The National Department of Tourism is mandated to create conditions for the sustainable growth and development of tourism in South Africa. The Tourism Act makes provision for the promotion of tourism to and in the Republic and for regulation and rationalisation of the tourism sector, including measures aimed at the enhancement and maintenance of the standards of facilities and services utilised by tourists; and the co-ordination and rationalisation of the activities of those who are active in the tourism sector.

In 2016 the National Department of Tourism launched a brand new Enterprise Development Programme(EDP), seven companies throughout South Africa were selected to implement the programme. We are proudly one of the seven companies servicing the department.


Fair Trade Tourism is a non-profit organisation which is leading the way forward in the development of sustainable and responsible tourism in southern Africa and beyond. It grows awareness about responsible tourism to travellers, assisting tourism businesses to operate more sustainably and facilitating the Fair Trade Tourism certification programme across southern Africa.

The Fair Trade Tourism label stands for fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing and operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and the environment. It also ensures that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits.

EICT is one of the  selected Business Development Services providers for FTT

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PUM stands for ‘Programma Uitzending Managers’ which is Dutch for ‘Manager Deployment Programme’.
However, as we have long since ceased deploying only managers (we currently also work with specialists and entrepreneurs), we nowadays apply the abbreviation with the addition Netherlands senior experts.We have a network of 265 representatives in 70 countries around the world, connecting directly with entrepreneurs, business support organisations and partners locally. We work with 3,000 senior experts who share their knowledge on a one-on-one basis. Either through short-term and repetitive advisory missions at the work floor, or through online coaching activities.EICT are the local representative for PUM a Netherlands based organisation that sends experts around the world to assist with business development of small and medium enterprises, the opportunity for a business to host an expert from the Netherlands that has successfully  operated a business of a similar nature. The experts are retired, they come for a period of up to 21 days to assist you in certain elements of the business that you feel you would need guidance in or certain managers would need to skilled on. read more